Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 48

As the discussions around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) curricula continue to polarize our education spaces, some parents have taken their kids out of schools to find places where academics is emphasized over subjective values and racial essentialism (which some have called Critical Race Theory). Parents with the means may opt for private school, believing that they have more control over the curriculum and can set their own learning objectives and standards.

Aaron Sibarium, a journalist for the Washington Free Beacon, pulled the curtain back on this myth. As it turns out, the…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 47

The teacher couldn’t find her American flag. During the COVID lockdowns she took it down. It made her feel uncomfortable, or so she said. And so, according to the story, when her students, now back in the classroom, asked what to do during the morning pledge of allegiance, they were told that they could pledge to a pride flag.

Bonnie Snyder, Director of High School Programs for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), collects these stories. The stories she calls the whoppers. In this week’s podcast she shares a few more…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 46

As part of our culture wars, we have hijacked language, twisting terms to fit our own objectives and agendas. No matter what “side” you are on, like me, you’ve probably been complicit in such activities. Not necessarily malicious, although sometimes so, but at least complicit, often unconsciously.

Take Critical Race Theory (CRT), for example. A theory that has trickled out of academia into our everyday lexicon. …

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 45

Being rational and reasonable on Twitter. Is it possible? Can you really “love your neighbors” on such a platform? One person does. With steely commitment he refuses to dehumanize even in the face of criticism. Who is this superman? Angel Eduardo, the King of Star-manning, and a Warrior of Compassion.

I look for him to trip up. For someone to finally get his goat. Not because I would celebrate such an occurrence (I wouldn’t) but because it just doesn’t seem possible. What is his kryptonite? …

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 44

People over Politics: Social Workers and Viewpoint Diversity

By Matthew Watson, LCSW

Social work is primarily social. It’s been said that “The personal is political.”[1] I believe the personal is far more social than political. Social justice is an essential element of social work practice; social work is the only helping professional with social justice as a foundational value. But social work is more than social justice, for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics states that it “does not specify which values, principles, and standards are most important and…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 43

For this week’s podcast blog, we were given permission to reprint a snippet from Charles Love’s forthcoming book, Race Crazy.

Our country has gone race crazy. Race has become an obsession, and those pushing this madness are leading the country into division and decline. It is important to take a nuanced approach when addressing society’s biggest problems; however, our shift to an all-encompassing race focus has propelled our national conversations outside the realm of rational thinking.

We must stop pretending that this lunacy is moral, fair, legal, or helpful to blacks.

Much of…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 42

After a year of virtual school, a lot of parents realized, many for the first time, their children’s classroom landscape. Perhaps this is one of several factors to the rise in concern we’ve seen over critical race theory in schools, an issue that seems to have exploded onto the scene as the origin of our latest cultural tensions.

As we dig into these issues a bit deeper, we find that this trend is not new or novel. We just haven’t been paying attention. …

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 41

Asian Americans, like all others, are not monolithic. However, I do think it’s fair to say that like many immigrants who chose to make America home, including Asian Americans, come here with the dream that if they work hard, they can succeed.

As Kenny Xu points out in his book, An Inconvenient Minority, and in this week’s podcast, many Asian Americans came here with no network. He debunks the myth that many Asians came to the U.S. already possessing an impressive list of degrees and healthy bank accounts, but even putting that aside…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 40

It seems that we have moved on from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) nomenclature to Belonging. In a world where new words come in and out of vogue before the ink dries on the latest Merriam Webster edition, this comes as no surprise. After all, Belonging is ultimately the goal of DEI programs.

While the lexicon has shifted, perhaps to pacify an increasingly vocal backlash to some of the identarian principles of DEI methodology, the tools of the trade remain the same. Operating under the more mollifying moniker of Belonging, DEI gurus…

Hold my Drink Podcast Blog, Episode 39

An American ex-con, heterodox thinker, personal trainer, and Orthodox Jewish convert, fighting for citizenship in Israel. Whoa, this sounds like the start of an epic adventure, and David Ben Moshe has been on quite a journey.

After making some poor choices he found himself in prison for a stint. During a lockdown in the library, with nothing to do but pace the floors, he noticed a fellow inmate studying a book. As the lockdown wore on and David made several more passes, he couldn’t contain his curiosity. The book, written in a foreign…

Hold My Drink Podcast

A Progressive and a Conservative walk into a bar and…

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